Bea has put up a pretty strong opposition to being on her tummy right from the start. Because it makes her so upset, I tend to not make her do it as often as I likely should. I don’t know if this girl will ever be a crawler before she is a walker.

For now, some cute shots of her from this morning, as I forced her to try and enjoy some tummy time…








I had been searching for new ideas to try out with Bea. I felt like her regular toys were boring her a bit (and me). After a very brief search I found a few ideas that were appropriate to attempt at Bea’s age (7 months). One of the ideas was painting with edible paint.
I found the recipe here.
It was very simple to make. We tried it after supper before her bath, to ease the clean up. Bea wasn’t too sure what to think about this paint, but i figured that might happen the first time. It was a fun new thing to try!



sick baby


I am sick right now and had hoped all day that Bea would not come down with something too…but right before her bath last night, there was a diaper explosion and she definitely felt warm. She was up several times before midnight and was just not herself when she got up this morning.

This is the first time that Bea has been sick and it makes me sad to see my little B with bags under her eyes and not her happy self.

Hoping she gets better soon.